Stockxshoes VIP Member

VIP Grade and Gift
VIP Lv1:Accumulated Points 20 Gift:u can get Free Socks
VIP Lv2:Accumulated Points 50

Gift:  Get $10

         Exclusive Code 13%

VIP Lv3:Accumulated Points 80

GiftGet $15

        Exclusive Code 15%

VIP Lv4:Accumulated Points 100

Gift:Get $20

         one pair Free Shipping

         Exclusive Code 16%

VIP Lv5:Accumulated Points 150

Gift:Get $25

         50% Off during your birthday month

          Exclusive Code17%

VIP Lv6:Accumulated Points 180

Gift:Get $30

         one pair Free Shipping

         50% Off during your birthday month

         Exclusive Code18%

VIP PlusV:Accumulated Points 200

Gift:One Free Pair

         50% Off during your birthday month

         Exclusive Code19%

How to get your Gift,pls DM us

If u have any questions or point update pls contact us




After u get the free shoes, the points will be cleared, but your Customer Grade will be retained and you can enjoy coupon benefits within your Exclusive Code.